APIs (Application Programming Interface) have become an increasingly important tool in IT. As businesses have become more reliant on connecting their business applications with each other and third-party tools a weak point has emerged in IT infrastructure.

An increasingly important issue is that of API availability. Applications have become very modular and this has allowed the application ecosystem to become diverse and interdependent. All these applications rely on API to respond to call and communicate between the various levels. As cloud applications have become more popular and widely uses this dependence has become more of an issue.

  • January 2015: Facebook and Instagram servers went down for about an hour taking down Facebook and Instagram and impacting several well-known websites including Tinder and HipChat.
  • September 2015: Amazon Web Services experienced a brief disruption that caused an increase in faults for the EC2 Auto Scaling APIs.
  • January 2016: Twitter API experienced a worldwide outage that lasted more than an hour, impacting thousands of website and apps.

Testing APIs has become a very important exercise. Redhat has developed and maintained tools for testing your APIs. The below blog talks about how one might utilize Ansible to test a Rest API:

Testing REST APIs with REST Assured

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