Often we talk about specific products or tools that can help protect our assets, but we rarely talk about the best strategies to implement in a mature cybersecurity environment.

The United States is often seen as the forefront of cybersecurity defense but our Australian friends have created and implemented some very good techniques and strategies for defense. The below blog details the mitigation and detection strategies.

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) has developed prioritised mitigation strategies to help technical cybersecurity professionals in all organisations mitigate cybersecurity incidents. This guidance addresses targeted cyber intrusions (e.g. executed by advanced persistent threats such as foreign intelligence services), ransomware and external adversaries with destructive intent, malicious insiders, ‘business email compromise’ and industrial control systems.

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Cody Jackson

Security Architect at Aquila
Cody Jackson is a leader in the management and design of secure wired and wireless networks. He performs engineering assessments for a variety of commercial solutions. He helps CISOs, IT Specialists, and Security Analysts secure network and enterprise data.

Cody's engineering networking and security expertise broaden AQUILA’s ability to service organizations. Before AQUILA, Cody was a Computer and Information Security Specialist on the Los Alamos National Laboratory Security Architecture and Application Development team. He also worked as an IT Specialist at Western New Mexico University.

Cody earned a Master of Science in Information Systems & Assurance from UNM. He received an MBA and a B.S. in History and Math from Western New Mexico University.
Cody Jackson

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