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What Is Splunk – A Deep Dive

Splunk is not a tool, it is a platform on which tools are built. When is Splunk is implemented correctly it completely changes the business processes in place. If day to day activities are not changed after Splunk is in place then it was a failure. One of the many ways that Splunk can change […]

Avoiding Phishing Emails

I read this morning that Taos Public Schools were hit with a widespread ransomware attack that crippled their network. I do not know how the attack was executed or spread but often these attacks are done via phishing emails or embedded malicious code in benign websites.

Protecting The API Ecosystem As A Security Strategy

Cybersecurity is an ever-increasing and advancing arms race. The attackers and threat actors are constantly harnessing new technology and techniques to increase their return on investment. As the defenders of our corporate, public, and private networks, we must do the same. Automation has long been a fear of every worker however as IT professionals we […]

Testing APIs with Rest

APIs (Application Programming Interface) have become an increasingly important tool in IT. As businesses have become more reliant on connecting their business applications with each other and third-party tools a weak point has emerged in IT infrastructure.