As an account manager, it is important to me that the solutions I partner with address three significant issues. The first of these is the issue of vulnerability. I am always on the hunt to find solutions that are at the cutting edge of protecting our customers’ valuable assets.

Tenable provides a vulnerability management solution that customers can trust to ensure their environment is always fresh and protected. The second issue I look for is tools that provide an end-user experience that is painless and intuitive to use. The third and final thing I look for in a solution is how solutions work with other solutions to provide a security ecology that is greater than its parts.

With Tenable’s ability to work with Splunk and other solutions customers can be sure that this addition will provide a holistic approach to their security practice giving peace of mind. In Tenable Aquila continues to find best of breed solutions to partner with to provide New Mexico organizations the protection it deserves. has recently been recognized as the “Best Vulnerability Management Solution” at 2019 SCAwards:

Damien Davies

Account Executive at Aquila
Damien Davies is an authority on the security of network infrastructures and the data that flows within those infrastructures. With 15 years of experience, a BFA, and a Masters in Art & Business, Damien is an advocate of Continual Learning within the Cyber Security community. He believes the constant expansion of cybersecurity skills and knowledge is critical to equip IT professionals with security tools to prevent learning lessons “the hard way” after losing user data or other valuable assets.

Before working at AQUILA, Damien worked with higher education and non-profit organizations in the State of New Mexico.As a Technical Director for Western NM University, he created a strong foundation in technology.He has numerous certifications in Cyber Security and continues to work tirelessly to be an expert in our various product lines.

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