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Aquila’s Concentric Data Networks are carefully engineered to blend layered security and defense in-depth strategies to produce the most comprehensive security solution for each client.

Aquila’s layered security methodology provides multiple types of security measures, each protecting against a different vector of attack. But, Aquila’s team goes further to protect your assets: just as a firewall is only one component of a layered security strategy, layered security is only one component of Aquila’s defense in-depth strategies.

To provide our customers the most comprehensive security approach possible, Aquila recognizes that in any collection of security solutions, there still exists potential risk for an attacker to breech an element of a layered security system. In that instance, the security strategy must have the integrity to hinder the progress of a threat, slowing and frustrating it until either it ceases to threaten or some additional resources — not strictly technological in nature — can be brought to bear.

As a result, Aquila’s Concentric Data Networks include Design both a select combination of layered security tools and working directly with each customer to implement a rapid notification and response plan when attacks and disasters are underway. Aquila’s concentric approach delays the effects of an attack and rapidly enacts damage avoidance or mitigation actions that cannot be managed by purely technological measures before the full effects of a threat are realized.

In this way, Aquila ensures each client receives a carefully designed layered security strategy, which in itself is extremely important to protecting your information technology resources. Then, Aquila’s team adds its defense in-depth approach to establish flexible network operations with each client that responds well to new conditions, helping to ensure that you are not blindsided by unexpected threats.

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There are many resellers of equipment and software. Many promise solutions custom configured specifically for your needs. But no-one else brings over 25 years of security-based experience and intelligence. Although protection of data and construction of super-redundant
networks have been the mainstay of Aquila, the fact that it has expanded into other areas of critical detection and protection technologies is no accident. The same technological sophistication that our other divisions bring to government, military, first responders, and healthcare
worldwide is why you can count on Aquila for your data solutions. Aquila partners with the top hardware and software providers to ensure that a concentric configuration is exceptionally functional, reliable and resilient; and, we are constantly evaluating and reevaluating the technological marketplace so you don’t have to.

Most data and network systems have been designed with simple, single-layer firewall protection that provided adequate protection 20 years ago. But, times have changed, and powerful outside threats from a multitude of sources have raised vulnerability to unacceptable and dangerous levels.

Aquila concentric data networks are engineered to withstand outside penetration through multilayered protective shields and redundant system design. While this may only seem applicable to the highest level of security demands, concentric configurations are scalable to the most basic business data network needs.