RadLight and RadViewer
Dosimetry Devices

Radiation instills fear because it is invisible and scarcely understood. Accurate measurements of radiation exposure can quickly bring clarity to a chaotic event, allowing first responders to manage the event efficiently. Aquila dosimetry devices employ patented optically stimulated luminescent (OSL) technology, providing the highest accuracy of total accumulated dose possible. Detection and safeguarding devices employ pin diodes, Geiger–Müller (GM) counters, and pioneering RF technology.

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Aquila offers radiation detection and nuclear radiation identification equipment for the safety and security of our military and first responder communities, as well as nuclear safeguards and facility security applications.

Radiation Detector

Solar cells are known to react to X-Rays and/or gamma rays, impinging on them. Normally, the signal caused by X-Rays or gamma rays in the solar cell output is miniscule compared to the signal that is created by visible light. The DragonScale detector uses basic solar cell physics to create a signal just from the X-Rays and gamma rays. We can achieve this signal by adding layers of materials to the basic solar cell to block the visible light and enhance the stopping power of the detector assembly to boost the signal created by X-Rays and gamma rays.

The events caused in the DragonScale detector assembly by X-rays and/or gamma radiation are collected using conventional signal processing electronics. The signal processing provides real-time detection in a similar manner to GM tubes. Our approach uniquely leverages the thin, flexible silicon microelectronics manufacturing, integrating, and testing capabilities that have been developed over the last few years.

Using multiple DragonScale detectors in arrays or stacks of arrays permits detecting directionality and the energy of the incoming radiation.