Center of Excellence

In Aquila’s NextThreat Center, our team members work closely with each end-user community to develop customer-driven, innovative tools and technologies to solve real-world challenges. Here, we open our doors to receive input from and collaborate with our NextThreat partners, which include representatives from academic institutions; industry; national laboratories; and federal, state, local, and tribal agencies. In our shared facility Aquila’s team members and partners provide leadership, best practices, research, support, and even training for an identified threat. Aquila’s NextThreat Center is strategically located at the heart of New Mexico Technology Corridor, where the tech industry benefits from a skilled workforce and major research facilities.

The developments of Aquila’s RadLight, RadViewer, and DragonScale technologies were motivated by NextThreat focus area discussions. Our teams currently are working on projects to:

•Protect the food supply from those who may attempt to cause large-scale public health harm via expansions to our Rapid Detector Sensor Platform (RDSP);

•Factor next-generation security and countermeasures into the design and use of integrated systems and networks to better guard against digital crime and cyberterrorism;

•Develop infrastructure solutions and intelligent control and monitoring systems for data centers to minimize their carbon footprint; and

•Accurately and quickly identify chemical, biological, and radiological/nuclear (CBRN) threats to military personnel and first responders in the field.

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Aquila’s NextThreat Center is working on a variety of challenges for industrial and national security. By doing forward-leaning research, making development investments, and attracting the brightest and most innovative staff and partners to collaborate at Aquila’s NextThreat Center, we continue to provide cutting-edge solutions, as well as a strong, responsive production capacity that is able to evolve and adapt as each new threat presents itself.