Carrying a suitcase full of probes is a thing of the past. ∀detect features Aquila’s new detector technology capable of detecting alpha, beta, and gamma radiation without swapping attachments. With no more plugging in and tripping over cables, wireless connectivity is important in the field and immediate reporting streamlines the data collection process.

Aquila ∀detect


With a solid state detector, the fragile GM tube is eliminated resulting in a more reliable instrument survivable in rugged terrain & all-weather environments.


GM detectors generally require a high voltage of several hundred volts (500 – 800V) to operate, ∀detect needs much less power to operate due to its solid-state construction.


GM detectors is essentially limited to a tube configuration and is also limit in size. ∀detect can be manufactured in a variety of geometrical configurations from a tube to a sheet that can be several square feet in size to a large block that can be inches thick in each direction and several feet long.


Leverage the technology that’s already in your pocket-skip the data download and securely share your data points and locations with Aquila’s app. Use data analytics & AI to anticipate trends.

The ∀detect Radiation Detector is fundamentally different from the traditional Geiger-Mueller (GM). Therefore, it is useful to note the many differences and benefits the ∀detect detector has relative to its predecessor.

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